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C3 Water Inc.

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C3 Water Inc focuses on the delivery of water & wastewater system engineering services.

C3 Water is a Canadian small business with a strong, experienced, and responsive team focused on providing effective and innovative solutions.  The company’s proven track record of delivery and emphasis on client relationships positions the team to provide customized support to meet clients’ objectives. The company’s modest size allows for senior staff to be highly engaged in all projects.

Specific services include:


  • Master Planning

  • Smart Water Network Planning & Implementation

  • Class Environmental Assessments

  • Studies, Conceptual & Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Design

  • Water Efficiency & Water Loss Management

  • Development Approvals

  • Tender Assistance

  • Contract Administration & Site Inspection Services

  • Start-up & Commissioning Services

  • Optimization Studies

  • Asset Management Planning


City of Guelph
Modeling Services for Operations, Developments and Transient Analysis

C3 Water has provided hydraulic modeling services to the City of Guelph since 2015. The team has built an exceptional relationship with the City’s engineering, operations, and planning groups through the completion of more than 70 modeling assignments using the City’s all-pipe calibrated model. Examples include pressure zone servicing studies, watermain criticality assessments, capital implementation plans, pump station transient analysis and energy optimization.  This work is completed through an ongoing contract with the City to provide modeling services for operational support and 24-hour emergency modeling assistance.

In 2019, C3 Water was awarded the Water and Wastewater Servicing Plan. The team has rebuilt and recalibrated the model using proprietary automated tools. The new model includes all pipes, and valves and for improved model accuracy. 

In 2021 C3 Water began providing all development review support to the City’s Engineering and D&C team. 

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Region of Waterloo
 System-Wide Disinfection Review and Disinfection Upgrades Design & Construction Management

C3 Water was retained by the Region of Waterloo to complete a study of the impact of proposed treatment guidance changes, minimum disinfection level of 4-log, on the groundwater supply system.  

While predominantly focused on disinfection performance, several wells utilized UV for primary disinfection only, on systems where the raw water hardness and TDS were causing an unusually high level of UV reactor cleaning and servicing. C3 Water analyzed alternative treatment strategies, reviewed O&M time studies, and completed an analysis of water balance using the RTW model and developed a proposed solution.

Recommendations to upgrade groundwater (category 1) wells (G5/G5A, H3/H3A, H4A, G9) to provide additional chlorine contact time and remove UV irradiation were adopted by senior management.

Recommendations to upgrade chlorine contact time at GUDIWEF (category 2) wells (W10, K23, and G4/G4A) and then challenge the source water characterization under the new proposed guidance document for identifying microbial treatment for sub-surface water supplies were adopted by senior management.

Detailed design was completed and two contracts were tendered for the upgrades to groundwater wells and GUDIWEF wells. C3W worked directly with the Region’s Engineering and Planning and Operations and Maintenance groups to successfully deliver this project within budget.  Construction costs were within acceptable tender ready cost estimate tolerances.

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