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Since 1973, our organization has enjoyed a high incidence of repeat and referral business due to our ability to offer full-service solutions to challenging problems. We use our expertise in applied engineering and investigative analysis and applied materials science to develop and implement solutions in the most difficult environments including blast furnaces, nuclear plants, and confined spaces.   


​​Chemical Containment and Corrosion Control:

  • Polymer Concrete Sumps, Trenches, Columns, and Beams

  • Pre-fabricated Sumps, Trenches, and Containment Vessels

  • Unbonded Flexible Liners for Earthen Berm or Concrete Containment Areas

  • Built-up Coating Systems for Floor and Concrete Secondary Containment Areas

  • Mat-reinforced Containment Liners for Secondary Containment Vessels

  • Cementitious or Crystalline Waterproofing Systems

Specialty Grouting/Injection

  • Epoxy and Urethane Resin Injection for Structural Repair and Water Control

  • Cementitious and Polymer Grouting for Structural Repair

  • Foundation Stabilization, Machine Bases, Slab Stabilization, and Water Cut-off

  • Design and Supply of Specialty Grout

Structural Restorations

  • Restoration of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns, Suspended Slabs

  • Supplementary Reinforcement (Carbon Fibre and Steel Systems) for Suspended Slabs, Columns, and Beams

Project: Jet Fuel Pipeline Grouting

A utility contractor constructed the two access shafts required for tunneling underneath a busy local highway and installed two 24” diameter jet fuel pipeline. The two jet fuel pipelines were constructed to fuel the aircraft at Pearson International Airport for the next 50 years.

The annular space between the twin jet fuel pipes and the concrete host pipes were required to be filled with grout. The grout used was custom designed by C3 to completely fill and provide structural support for the jet fuel pipelines.

A ready mixed cement grout slurry was blended with foam and other proprietary additives to produce a highly flowable, lightweight cement grout. 530m³ of material was pumped over 330m by low pressure grouting equipment. C3 mobilized to site, set up highly specialized grouting equipment and completed the project in less than three weeks.


Project: York Durham Sanitary Sewer – Concrete Pressure Pipe – Joint Parging

A micro-tunneling contractor installed 1067mm ID concrete pressure pipes inside a 5.092km Micro-tunnel. The concrete pressure pipes were installed in sections for the length of the tunnel and the joints between sections were welded in-situ and required grouting.

C3 Industrial was selected by the tunneling contractor to recommend and install a proprietary product in 832 of the concrete pressure pipe joints. Space restrictions and travel through the tunnel to access the various joints posed a logistical challenge. Electric power carts were utilized to transport material, equipment, and crew into and out of the tunnel. Grout was pre-portioned prior to tunnel entry to minimize dust inside. Upon arrival at the joints, the pre-portioned material was mixed using electric drills and troweled into the voids and finished smooth with the interior of the pipe walls.

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