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Environmental Policy

picture of a man calculating energy efficiency

The C3 Group recognizes the importance of conducting business and managing environmental issues in a responsible manner by reducing the use of nonrenewable resources. Our environmental policy is intended to create long-term positive environmental benefits, conserve natural resources, and reduce carbon footprint.

Fundamental Principles
Minimize negative impacts on the environment
Conserve natural resources, specifically energy and water
Minimize waste, reuse and recycle whenever possible

Specific Objectives
In adopting these fundamental principles, the C3 Group will be guided and will take all reasonable steps to meet the following objectives:

    - Complying with environmental standards, regulations and guidelines
    - Minimize energy and water use, through efficient management and practice
     - Promote environmental responsibility among employees
    - Minimize waste generation through reduction, reuse and recycling whenever possible
    - Minimize polluting effluent and emissions into air, land and water
    - Minimize noise and odour pollution
    - Minimize and where possible eliminate the use of chemicals and remove and properly dispose of all chemicals and  empty containers

Environmental protection is the responsibility of each employee. The C3 Group will keep employees informed, and encourage them to be environmentally aware. Where possible materials and equipment are selected in an environmentally responsible manner. We strive to use materials that are safer for our employees to use and that minimize negative impacts on the environment. We undertake to gain the support of our suppliers and subcontractors to share our view. 

We undertake to communicate openly with our employees, local authorities, regulatory bodies and our customers.

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